Jet flight – L-39 in Latvia

Jet flight

L-39 in Latvia

Fly the L-39 in Latvia

From Riga in Latvia you can enjoy an L-39 flight. You can even do formation flying here.

For only € 2,600.- you can enjoy a real jet aircraft for 25 minutes *.

The Aero L-39 Albatros

The Aero L-39 is a jet trainer that was developed in the sixties by Aero Vodochody, from the former Czechoslovakia, and is still being used by many air forces worldwide. This machine combines agility and strength and has a maximum speed of no less than 750 kilometres per hour, and can handle up to -4 and +8 G.

Over 2,800 L-39s were built and many have found their way in the civil circuit.

This aircraft is ideal to experience the strength and agility of a fighter jet at a reasonable price!

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Aircraft type: L-39 Albatros

Where: Riga

How long: 25 minutes *

What: flight and aerobatics

Price: € 2,600.-

*  = flight time (actual time in the air)

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