Jet flight – MiG-15UTI in Czechia

Jet flight

MiG-15UTI in Czechia

Fly the MiG-15 in Czechia

In Czechia we offer the opportunity to fly the beautiful MiG-15, a jet with a whole lot of power.

For only € 3,250.- you can enjoy this legendary jet aircraft for 15 minutes *. Aerobatics will be performed on request.

The Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15

With more than 18,000 units built, the MiG-15 (NATO code name “Fresco”) is one of the most built fighter jets in the world. The beautiful MiG-15 was developed in the 40s by the Russian Mikoyan Gurevich Design Bureau (MiG) in response to the German Messerschmitt Me-262.

The first one flew in 1947 but the Fresco was still used into the nineties as a trainer by several air forces.

For the flights we use a MiG-15UTI , the training variant of the MiG-15. This version can accommodate two people and can reach speeds up to 900 kilometres per hour!


Aircraft type: MiG-15UTI

Where: Hradec Králové (East of Prague)

How long: 15 minutes *

What: flight and aerobatics

Price: € 3,250.-

* = flight time (actual time in the air)

More information

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We have only presented a limited amount of information on this page. We gladly tell you all details of the flight though. Think off what is included with the flights, how the process goes from the beginning, the medical check-up, etc. etc.

An extensive report of someone that took the flight can be found here; link

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