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Tour - Australia

Pitch Black – July 2024


In 2024 the Royal Australian Air Force will host the exercise Pitch Black at RAAF Darwin in the Northern Territories. Provisional dates for the exercise are 15 July – 1 August. Except a large number and variety of RAAF aircraft you can expect an equally large number of foreign aircraft taking part in this ever increasing exercise. Participating in the previous two editions (2018 and 2022) were Canada (CC-130), France (A330, Rafale), Germany (A330, Eurofighter),  India (C-130, Su-30), Indonesia (F-16), Japan (F-2), Malaysia (A400, F/A-18), Singapore (A330, F-15, F-16, G550), South Korea (A330, F-16), Thailand (Gripen), United Kingdom (Typhoon), United States (KC-130, F-15, F-16, F/A-18, F-35B, MV-22); we believe these were quite impressive line ups.

4Aviation intends to organise a tour to this event again. Unlike previous editions we would now like to add a couple off days before the start of the exercise to catch the large number of interesting support aircraft. The reports of earlier tours can be found here; 2018 and 2022.

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