Tour – Russia/St Petersburg – Navy Day – July 2020 – 4Aviation

Tour - Russia III

St Petersburg Navy Day


We all know about the annual 9 May parade over Moscow which we have visited several times. The aircraft you see there are ‘only’ from the Russian Air Force.

The Russian Navy has its own fly past on the last Sunday of July over the harbour of St Petersburg. During the actual flypast and rehearsals you can see about 50 navy aircraft, varying from a variety of unique Kamov helicopter designs, Il-38 May and Tu-142 Bear patrol aircraft to the MiG-29 and Flanker-family jets with a couple of Mi-17 helicopters, Su-25 Frogfoot ground attack jets and some more bits on the side.

Combine this with the beautiful city of St Petersburg which we have time to explore, and the simplified, and low cost, visa procedure for this lovely city we could not resist planning a 5-6 day tour. This trip is also ideal to take your partner for a relaxed few days to an exiting city.

We plan to witness a rehearsal, the actual flypast, a few Wrecks & Relics in and around town as well as some touristic sights. Travel dates are, subject to change, from 21 to 27 July 2020.

Thanks to Tsungfang Tsai & Django Bruinink for allowing us to use their photos.

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