Tour – USA – NAS Oceana – JB Andrews – MCAS Miramar – September 2017 – 4Aviation

Tour - USA III

NAS Oceana, JB Andrews & MCAS Miramar shows – September 2017


The 70th anniversary of the USAF will be celebrated during the air show at Joint Base Andrews during the weekend of 16 and 17 September 2017. During the same weekend the air show at NAS Oceana will be organised. The following weekend (23 and 24 September) the air show at MCAS Miramar, on the West Coast, is scheduled. We want to organise a tour, lasting about 11 days, to the United States during which we will visit all three shows. During the other days of our stay we will then visit a number of interesting bases on both the East and West Coast. This will certainly include spending a day in the approach of NAS Oceana.

We combined the shows at Oceana and Miramar during a tour in 2011 as well.

Tour status

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