4Aviation offers different kinds of aviation tours. We aim for unique destinations worldwide that enable aviation enthusiasts to thoroughly enjoy their hobby and passion. This can be a ‘regular’ spotters trip, facilitating a visit to an air show or a more substantial and unique behind the scenes visit to an airport, air base or aircraft manufacturing plant. In general plenty of opportunities occur to make great pictures or collect serials. We specialise in military aviation, and can therefore not guarantee exactly what you can expect to see during a tour. The tour guides are experienced aviation enthusiasts and travellers. They offer just that ingredient that makes each tour to a success, both for the aircraft seen during the tour as for the companionship within the group.

Booking is available to anyone interested. We do not use memberships or the like.

The info below shows our current tours. We are constantly preparing more visits to bases and airports. We expect to publish more information soon!

Our (shorter) bus trips are listed here.