Tour – Saudi Arabia – February 2024 – 4Aviation

Tour - Saudi Arabia

World Defense Show – February 2024


The organisation of the World Defense Show has informed us they are 80% ready to organise their second WDS in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) between 4-8 February 2024. The 2022 show saw a good cross-section of Saudi forces on static and was also planned in the air. Unfortunately, a major multi-day sandstorm threw a spanner in the works here. We intend to visit this show with a small group.

The trip is expected to last 5-6 days, with the show being visited every day, but also try to see something of the country as this will be very unique to most of us.

Saudi Arabia was until recently closed for foreign visitors, but opened up its borders for tourists in 2019. Residents of many countries can easily apply for an eVisa (check here if your country is also listed:

Thanks to Wolfgang Jarisch for sharing his pictures of the 2022 event.

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