Tour – USA III – Seymour Johnson AFB – MCAS Beaufort – April 2019 – 4Aviation

Tour - USA

Airshows – NC / SC / VA – April 2019


On 27 and 28 April, Seymour Johnson AFB (North Carolina) and MCAS Beaufort (South Carolina) will host an airshow. We plan a short trip to the US East Coast and combine these with a visit to NAS Oceana (Virginia) and a few other places. So, if you want to see real air power with lots of F-15Es, F/A-18s and brand-new Marine and Navy F-35s, you will need to join this tour. We expect this tour to last a maximum of seven days.

In 2011 we have also organised a tour to this area in the same time of the year.

Tour status

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    Details of the tour will be presented in due course. If you want to be informed when more details become available, please send us a message.