Colombia (2015)

Colombia 2015

Report of our second group visit to Colombia in July 2015. The main goal was the F-AIR at Rionegro airport, but we also visited several other military installations in and around Bogota.

Colombia seems to be no ordinary destination to enjoy the local aviation, for 4Aviation all the more reason to go there. The multi-day air show F-AIR at Rionegro, AB near Medellin, was a good basis to once again go to South America. Before and after the show we would visit several other bases and locations. On Monday 6 July the journey started for ten of the seventeen participants from Amsterdam Schiphol. Three guests left from Brussels and four other members went to Bogota on their own (from London, Orlando, Paris and Tocumen). At the international airport we were all met by a courtesy bus from our hotel where the check-in went smoothly. This sophisticated hotel was at the airport and had a good view of a runway, Aer Caribe and the SATENA maintenance hangar at the back. This allowed for the first aircraft pictures and numbers to be collected on the first night.