Greece (2019)

Greece 2019


Greece 2019

Greece is one of our favourite countries to visit. This was our 15th tour to this beautiful country where you can always see a large variety of aircraft. Our hosts always take care of good photographic positions and a lot of hospitality. This tour to Andravida airbase for the 2019 edition of the Iniochos exercise was no different.

The Greek Public Affaires Office had changed access to the international exercise Iniochos 2019. In previous years only members of the press were invited, but this year aviation enthusiasts were also welcome. You could choose between two days, Thursday 4 or Friday 5 April, we opted fot the Thursday. 4Aviation planned for a short trip to the beautiful airbase Andravida.

On Wednesday 3 April our group gathered at Schiphol airport for the flight to Athens. During taxiing to our stand in Athens we noticed an Egypt Air Force Beech 1900 with the general aviation aircraft. A good start of this short trip. After picking up a couple of guys who flew here on their own and the rental vans we quickly headed west as we still had about three hours to drive to our hotel in Arkoudi. This small holiday town on the coast was rather deserted, as the holiday season had not yet started. Check inn went very smoothly and there were still a couple of restaurants open. We picked one and were served a nice meal and drinks.