Italy (2023)

Italy 2023

100th Anniversary Italian Air Force

Italy 2023

When it became known that the Italian Air Force would organize an airshow at Pratica di Mare for their 100th Anniversary, we were very excited as the Italians have a uniquely varied Air Force, and in the past held great shows at Pratica.

Closer to the actual event we got somewhat less excited as all the essential info was not available online, the website was only officially accessible from Italy, questions arose whether the museum would be open, and also arranging all the necessary things for this tour (air & ground transport as well as accommodation) was not running as smoothly as we are used to… So there were a lot of worries and unknowns before we actually headed to Italy.

On the other hand we knew that this is the ‘Italian way’ and in the end everything will be okay. After the event, when we had returned home and all had spent a great couple of days in Italy with an incredible show on the ground and in the air, this belief proved to be justified.