Russia II (2017)

Russia II 2017

ARMY Forum

Russia II 2017

The expectations were high when the International Military Technical Forum “ARMY 2017” event was announced. The 2016 edition was brilliant with lots of participating operational Russian military hardware. The 2017 edition was set up in almost the same way. So this show was a no-brainer for 4Aviation to attend.

ARMY 2017 is not simply an airshow, it is a happening, at several locations around the newly erected, very impressive, Patriot Park, where the Russian industry and armed forces showed off their latest military hardware. Not simply ‘just’ a static exhibition, but the tanks, armoured vehicles and several helicopters also demonstrated their devastating capabilities on the shooting range.

On Wednesday 23 August a large group of 25 enthusiasts gathered at Schiphol airport for the first leg of the flight to Warsaw. Funny detail was that we joined up with the group heading to Poland for the Radom show. We were all on the same flight! In Warsaw there was time to look around a we noted a couple of Polish Air Force VIP helicopters next to the terminal. In Warsaw we picked up two guys who had a different departing airport to here. The second leg to Moscow Sheremetyevo also went smoothly and there we joined up with two more participants. It took a little while before our bus arrived, but we were soon on our way to our hotel in the centre of town. In the evening we held a small briefing for those who travelled to Moscow on their own. The total group size was 48 persons.