Spain (2019)

Spain 2019

Spain 2019

In February 2019 4Aviation was welcomed at Talavera la Real Air Base to capture the operations of the F-5Ms of Ala23. The hospitality was awesome, both for the 4Aviation group as well as the other visitors. After two days at Talavera we could also enjoy the Spanish hospitality at Moron de la Frontera.

This tour would not have been possible without the help of our great friend Koos Heemskerk.

On Sunday 10 February a group of 21 avid aviation enthusiasts met up at Schiphol airport for the 3 hour flight to Malaga. Here we landed late morning, collected a few more people and then went looking for the rental cars, which took a bit longer than usual. But we were on our way for a great escape of the dull northern European weather and embraced the first signs of Spring in Spain.

We had opted to fly to Malaga as we had requested a visit to Ala78 at nearby Granada Armilla, but this was, unfortunately, not granted. Unfortunately is perhaps not the best phrase in this case as we surprised all tour members with a surprise visit on Wednesday.

A long, but leisurely, drive brought us past the airport of Seville where we checked out the ramps of Airbus. These were filled with several French, German, Spanish and Turkish A400Ms as well as several exotic CN235s and C295s from Gabon, Ivory Coast, Mali, Morocco and the United Arab Emirates. At the hotel in Badajoz we met up with several more participants. A total of 38 joined us on this tour.

The day ended with a nice meal and drink outside one of the local restaurants.