Sri Lanka (2023)

Sri Lanka 2023

Base visits

Sri Lanka 2023

In 2011, a sizeable 4Aviation group visited the Sri Lankan Air Force. During such a first visit there is always a bit of tension whether the expectations and reality of a base visit match a bit. But after the magical words ‘The base is yours’, at the SLAF Base Ratmalana we knew we were right. That remained true throughout the week.

Since then we have been working to repeat this visit and unfortunately, due to various circumstances, we did not succeed, until we received a positive mail from Sri Lanka in January 2023. Since then, many emails, phone calls and WhatsApp messages were exchanged in order to visit this beautiful country again in October 2023.

Despite the current financial situation, coupled with the difficulty of obtaining parts for their inventory of Russian origin, the men and women of the SLAF pulled out all the stops to make our visit a success. And in this they succeeded with flying colours.

Enjoy reading our report and enjoy the many cool photos.