Thailand (2018)

Thailand 2018

วันเด็กแห่งชาติ / Wan Dek / National Children’s Day

Thailand 2018

The annual Children’s Day in Thailand was the main reason for 4Aviation to put this beautiful Asian country on the itinerary as the first destinations for 2018. We organised a tour for a full week as there is enough to see and do, and the weather wasn’t bad either.

Our second tour through Thailand started in full swing on Monday morning 8 January 2018. The majority of the group of ten had arranged their own flights to this lovely Asian country and settled into the hotel on the western outskirts of Bangkok on Sunday evening.

This Monday we headed out west for our first visit to an operational Royal Thai Air Force Base, Kamphaeng Saen. Here we were allowed to take pictures of the preserved aircraft at the gate, but could not get access to the flightline. We were told to come back the next Saturday, on Children’s Day. The southern approach, however, also gives great views of the approaching aircraft. We were treated on lots of activities with CT/4A and Es, PC-9s and DA-42 practising lots of landing/Take offs and touch & Goes.

After a great couple of hours we ventured out further west to Camp Surasri near Kanchanaburi. This is the homebase for a small army helicopter unit. There was some activity in the air and lots of activity on the ground. Some sort of training was in progress and taking pictures of the helicopters was unfortunately not possible. There were several Wrecks & Relics (W&R) in the area which we allowed to capture. We gradually headed back to our hotel via a couple of more W&R.