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Tour - Japan (short)

Hyakury Airshow & more


Phantom Heaven Hyakuri airbase is having an open day on 1 December 2019 (date not 100% confirmed yet).

Because of that we will organise a short tour with at least two full days at Hyakuri and several other Japanese highlights. The tour will last approximately 8-9 days. Depending on the schedule, we will visit Iruma AB (JASDF transports), Komatsu AB (JASDF Agressors and F-15 Eagle squadrons), Gifu AB (JASDF testbase with many types), Nagoya-Komaki AB (JASDF C-130, KC-767, rescue UH-60, U-125 and Mitsubishi factory ) Hamamatsu AB (T-4 trainers and E-767 AWACS).

If there is enough interest, we can even do two tours. One that ends with the Hyakuri show and one that starts with it.

The plan is to try and obtain comparable results as during our earlier visits to Japan in 2018, 2018 and 2018 (3 different tours).

Tour status

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    Details of the tour will be presented in due course. If you want to be informed when more details become available, please send us a message.