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Tour - Japan (short)

Hyakury Airshow & more


Phantom Heaven Hyakuri airbase is having an open day on 1 December 2019.

Because of that we will organise a short tour with at least two full days at Hyakuri and several other Japanese highlights. The tour will last approximately 8-9 days. Depending on the schedule, we will visit Iruma AB (JASDF transports), Komatsu AB (JASDF Agressors and F-15 Eagle squadrons), Gifu AB (JASDF testbase with many types), Nagoya-Komaki AB (JASDF C-130, KC-767, rescue UH-60, U-125 and Mitsubishi factory ) Hamamatsu AB (T-4 trainers and E-767 AWACS).

The plan is to try and obtain comparable results as during our earlier visits to Japan in 2018, 2018 and 2018 (3 different tours).

Tour status

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    You can no longer book a seat for this tour.


The itinerary that follows is to be considered as preliminary.

On Friday 29 November we will fly to Japan and return to the Netherlands on Saturday 7 December 2019.

The plan at this moment is as follows:

  • Friday 29 November 2019: fly to Japan
  • Saturday 30 November 2019: arrive in Japan and continue to Hyakuri
  • Sunday 1 December 2019: Hyakuri Air Show
  • Monday 2 December 2019: Iruma
  • Tuesday 3 December 2019: Komatsu
  • Wednesday 4 December 2019: Gifu
  • Thursday 5 December 2019: Hamamatsu
  • Friday 6 December 2019: Hyakuri
  • Saturday 7 December 2019: departure from Tokyo

Tour cost

Price for this tour is € 1999,- per person. This price includes:

  • Flight from The Netherlands to Japan
  • Flight from Japan to The Netherlands
  • Hotel accommodation (middle class hotels, twin share room basis, two beds and ensuite bathroom)
  • All transportation in Japan
  • € 15,- contribution to GGTO

You can also book this tour without the airline tickets. In that case you will have to take care of the transportation to and from Japan. The price for the tour without airline tickets is € 1399,- per person. The single-room supplement for this tour is € 205,-.

Not included:

  • individual travel insurance
  • entrance fees for museums or airshows
  • all meals
  • all personal expenditures