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Tour - Japan

Bases & Model and book shops – February/March 2024


In February/March 2024, we will organise a tour to Japan for the 2nd time, which will not only focus on visiting different air bases, but we will also visit several book and model shops specialising in aviation. Japan is of course a big producer of high-quality books and models, many you won’t come across in the rest of the world. Our experienced tour guide knows all the places near the bases and all the streets where these shops are located.

The report of the previous cool tour can be found here; 2023

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For existing customers:

€ 50,-


The itinerary that follows is to be considered as preliminary.

On Friday 23 February 2024 we will fly to Japan and return to the Netherlands on Wednesday 6 March 2024.

The plan at this moment is as follows:

  • On Sunday 25 February we will be on the road for quite some time, heading for Komatsu. Along the way we will buy our step ladders and visit the Hobby Shop Nakajima in Maebashi and Suzakake Hobby Shop in Nagano. We will check in for a two night in a hotel in Komatsu.
  • For Monday 26 February we have scheduled to spend time at Komatsu Air Base and Minato Model and Book Off shops in Kanazawa.
  • On Tuesday 27 February we pay another visit to Komatsu Air Base. We will also visit the local museum. What follows is a 3-hour drive to Gifu. After visiting the Joshin hobby shop we will check in at a hotel for two nights again in Gifu.
  • A visit to Gifu Air Base and the Kakamigahara museum is scheduled for Wednesday 28 February. On this day we will also visit the local TamTam hobby shop.
  • On Thursday (29 February) we move a bit towards Komaki Air Base where we will spend some time, as well as in the Aichi Museum of Flight. After visiting a TamTam hobby shop we will move to Hamamatsu Air Base for the training aircraft and the JASDF museum.
  • After spending the night in Hamamatsu we return for a short visit to Hamamatsu on Friday 1 March. We then continue towards Shizuhama Air Base and visit the Tamiya Headquarters in the afternoon. After that we head towards Tokyo to spend two nights in a hotel.
  • Saturday 2 March and Sunday 3 March are spent in Tokyo, visiting several hobby and book shops (Shosen Grande, Shosen Book Tower, Yodabashi, Leonardo 1 and 2, Yellow Submarine, Hobby Off, Volks Hobby Store, Sunny Hobby and D-Force) as well as sight-seeing. Sunday afternoon we move to our next hotel near Iruma.
  • On Monday (4 March) we will spend some time at Iruma Air Base and visit Hasegawa Model shop as well as the Keystone hobby shop before moving to the other side of Tokyo for the next hotel.
  • Hyakuri Air Base is our main target for Tuesday 5 March. We will spend the whole day here, before relocating to our final hotel of the tour.
  • On Wednesday 6 March we end our stay in Japan and fly back to the Netherlands.

Tour cost

Price for this tour is € 3099,- per person. This price includes:

  • Flight from The Netherlands to Japan
  • Flight from Japan to The Netherlands
  • Hotel accommodation (middle class hotels, twin share room basis, two beds and ensuite bathroom)
  • All transportation in Japan
  • € 9,- contribution to GGTO

You can also book this tour without the airline tickets. In that case you will have to take care of the transportation to and from Japan. The price for the tour without airline tickets is € 2199,- per person. The single-room supplement for this tour is € 325,-.

Not included:

  • individual travel insurance
  • entrance fees for museums or airshows
  • all meals
  • all personal expenditures