Travellers service

You have reached this page by scanning the QR-code on a 4Aviation address label.

This means you either found a bag or suitcase and want to return it to its rightful owner, or was persuaded by a 4Aviation traveller to check out our website.

In both cases we want to thank you very much for taking the time to visit us!

Lost luggage

If you have found a piece of luggage with a 4Aviation label we appreciate your time to contact us. Please provide us with the details on the label and your contact details in an email to

We will contact you as soon as possible and make arrangement to return the luggage to its rightful owner. This will be of no cost to you and you will be awarded for your time and effort.

Interest in 4Aviation tours

If you have reached this page because you are interested in aviation, you have come to the right place! 4Aviation is one of the world’s leading travel agencies, specialised in organising aviation related travel. Varying from daytrips to air shows to multiple day tours all over the world.

Navigate our website and we are sure that there is something there for you. In the unlikely event there is nothing of your liking, we also compose custom trips for smaller and bigger groups. Contact us at for more info.