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In October 2017 we want to organise a short tour to Japan and combine the visit to this country with a visit to the Seoul Air Show (South Korea). The short tour to Japan will focus mainly on air bases in the (larger) Tokyo area. Bases that are being considered are Hyakuri, Iruma, Atsugi, Gifu, perhaps Komatsu, etc. The bases that are visited should normally result in a good mix of air force and navy aircraft. In 2014 and 2015 4Aviation also organised a short tour to Japan.

During this tour we will also visit the Seoul Air Show. This show, held once every 2 years, is one of the very few options to see and photograph aircraft of the South Korean armed forces without any problems. 4Aviation visited this show three times earlier already, in 2009, 2011 and 2015. Finally we plan to visit Sacheon Air Show in South Korea as well.

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The itinerary that follows is to be considered as preliminary.

On Sunday 15 October we will fly to Korea and return to the Netherlands on Saturday 28 October 2017.

We have prepared a very nice preliminary schedule for the two weeks. During this we will spend a couple of days in South Korea twice and will head to Japan for about a week in between;

  • Sunday 15 October 2017: departure from Schiphol
  • Monday 16 October 2017: arrival South Korea
  • Tuesday 17 October 2017: Seongnam ADEX (opening with ROKAF flypast)
  • Wednesday 18 October 2017: Seongnam ADEX (trade day)
  • Thursday 19 October 2017: to Japan, Iruma in afternoon (T-4, C-1, YS-11, etc.)
  • Friday 20 October 2017: Hyakuri (F-4)
  • Saturday 21 October 2017: Tokyo area (Atsugi/Yokota)
  • Sunday 22 October 2017: Hyakuri Mil Review (rehearsal)
  • Monday 23 October 2017: Komatsu (F-15 incl Aggressors)
  • Tuesday 24 October 2017: Gifu (test wing) and Hamamatsu (T-4 and museum)
  • Wednesday 25 October 2017: to South Korea
  • Thursday 26 October 2017: Kunsan (F-16 USAF and ROKAF) or museums
  • Friday 27 October 2017: Sacheon show
  • Saturday 28 October 2017: departure from Seoul

We will start with two days at Seongnam for ADEX. On the opening day the Republic of Korea Air Force always shows a large number of aircraft in a fly-past. During these days the based aircraft are normally active as well and a lot of VIP-flights can be seen. After this we will fly to Japan on Thursday. We then have 3.5 days in the Tokyo area. We start at Hyakuri on Friday (where all JASDF Phantoms are these days). It could just happen that the (rehearsal of) the Military Review at Hyakuri is during that weekend. If so we can witness this!

On Monday and Tuesday we then have time for very cool air bases in Japan; Komatsu, Gifu and Hamamatsu. We will fly back to South Korea on Wednesday.

We are talking to the USAF at Kunsan Air Base for a base visit (both with the USAF and ROKAF F-16s). Should this not materialise we will change our schedule for South Korea. On Friday we will go to Sacheon for the air show that is scheduled there ( This is an event that always produces a fair number of Korean military aircraft types.

Tour cost

Price for this tour is € 2899,- per person. This price includes:

  • Flight from The Netherlands to Korea (and Korea/Japan vv)
  • Flight from Korea to The Netherlands
  • Hotel accommodation (middle class hotels, twin share room basis, two beds and ensuite bathroom)
  • All transportation in Korea and Japan

You can also book this tour without the airline tickets. In that case you will have to take care of the transportation to Korea (the flight between Korea and Japan is included). The price for the tour without airline tickets is € 1899,- per person. The single-room supplement for this tour is € 275,-.

Not included:

  • individual travel insurance
  • entrance fees for museums or airshows
  • all meals
  • all personal expenditures

If you are only interested in a ‘part of the programme’ we can make you an offer for that.

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